Saturday, 17 March 2012

Style Crush - Olivia Palermo

Since stepping onto our screens in 'The City' as Whitney Ports 'frenemy', Olivia Palermo's style has been what's missing from every girls wardrobe! She's a New York socialite and one of the most photographed women. I love her style it's simple and perfectly accessorised everytime. She loves her high-end labels but also adds high-street items to her outfits. She's always seen wearing Zara and Mango, but most of all - Topshop. Olivia has an overflowing collection of Topshop pieces. I think for me this is what gives her THE edge, she mixes high-street and high-end perfectly.

Do you love Olivia's style? Who's your style crush lately?!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Weekday Wishlist - Summertime!

1. Topshop Strappy Split Maxi Dress £35 - I really love easy to wear dresses for summer days, this looks like it would be so easy to just shove on and it would still look great. I'd dress it up or dress it down by adding a waist belt and jewellery! 

2. Missguided Erin Scallop Edge Floral Denim Hot Pants £19.99 - I love these! They're so cute - two of my favourite things, scalloped edges and floral! For £19.99 aswell they're so cheap. 

3. Topshop Twill Long Sleeved Wrap Dress by Love** £32 - This is perfect for the whole pastels trend at the moment but it's also a really nice cut. I love the wrap dresses from Love, I've got the leopard print one! They're so easy to wear and look really lovely on. Love this mint colour!

4. Topshop Pluto Metallic Prism Sandals £68 - Okay so I would never pay this much for sandals, but my god I just needed to include them. They're amazing! 

5. Missguided Nelin Open Knitted Batwing Cardigan £23.99 - I love the colours of this cardi, I'd wear it exactly how the model is! Over a cute pair of shorts and vest or layered over my much loved flippy dresses from Topshop. 

6. Topshop Plastic Brow Small Metal Sunglasses £16 - I'm on the search for a new pair of sunglasses, I feel the need to buy a new pair every year. I always lose sunglasses! I always fall back to wearing my much loved aviators, but I love these ones. 

What are you feeling the need to buy this week?!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Unexpected sunshine

So today we had some lovely weather which meant one thing...everybody ditches what they're SUPPOSED to be doing and goes to the beach, yay! I tagged along to the beach with my bestfriend and her boyfriend, he was going surfing. Me and Kate headed off to find the nearest pub and sat in the sunshine all day, loveeely!

Hope you're all enjoying the unexpected sunshine :)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Kardashian Krush

HOW AMAZING is Kim K's make-up here? Can her MUA do no wrong? Oh my lorrrrd! I was browsing youtube the other day and found Mario Dedivanovic's channel where he does a lot of amazing tutorials. I also found his blog here, which is also amazing! I've tried a few of the tutorials myself, and they're really fun and easy to follow. 

PS. I've just noticed that even Kim K can't avoid the dreaded make-up marks on white shirts. She's not so perfect afterall ;)


This is what make-up I wore to go for a little coupley dinner at my friends house :) Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Weekday Wishlist

1. MOTO Bleach Acid Leigh Jeans £38 - Leigh jeans are my favourite jeans EVER. I love this acid wash twist on them!

2. NARS Highlighting - Bronzing Blush Duo in 'Albatros/Orgasm' £29 - The PERFECT combination in one nifty little pack. 

3. ASOS Hammered Double Cuffs £18 - I'm not a big bracelet fan - I'm more of a lets see how many rings I can fit on one hand kind of girl! But I love how simple these cuffs are, and £18 for two of them you can't fall off! 

4. Real Techniques Core Collection £20.99 - Literally every beauty blog I follow has been going on about these brushes, which obviously makes me want them! I particularly want the buffer brush because I'm on the lookout for a new foundation brush. 

5. M.A.C Mineralize Skin Finish Natural £20.50 - Again, every beauty blog I follow says that this is their make-up holy grail, so obviously I need it in my life! I've been putting off buying it for ages because I'm not really a big powder girl. But recently I've been using my NARS laguna bronzer to set my make-up which is using it up far too quick so I'm thinking about buying this! 

6. OCC Lip Tar £7.99 - These look so good!! I've read so many reviews on these lip stains/glosses/lipsticks whatever you want to call them! (You can see Katie's review here and Lily's review here). They're described as an opaque liquid lipstick which applies like a gloss but has the durability of a lipstick, which is perfect for me because I much prefer the feel of a gloss on my lips but I love the colour pay off of a good lipstick. They're only little tubes but apparently a little goes a VERY long way so I wouldn't mind paying nearly £8! I want the colours 'divine', 'cha cha' and 'femme'. You can buy them here

What are you feeling the need to buy lately?!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Style Crush - the Olsen twins

Okay, ever since I was 7 years old watching 'Two of a Kind' (which is still on TV by the way, my sister loves it and has just had her hair cut like mary-kate!) I have LOVED the Olsen twins. I am obsessed with their style. Who isn't in love with their can't-be-arsed look? They can literally wear a bin bag and not brush their hair and look amazing - because we all wake up looking like that? This is just a little post before I get some dinner and watch some rubbish TV...I love days off! Here are a few (I mean a lot...I literally had to stop myself posting photos) Olsen photographs that inspire me to revamp my wardrobe. I need to buy hundreds of plain slouchy t-shirts and clumpy shoe boots and get me some gorgeous ombre hair!

How amazing are they both? Who is your style crush?!