Saturday, 17 March 2012

Style Crush - Olivia Palermo

Since stepping onto our screens in 'The City' as Whitney Ports 'frenemy', Olivia Palermo's style has been what's missing from every girls wardrobe! She's a New York socialite and one of the most photographed women. I love her style it's simple and perfectly accessorised everytime. She loves her high-end labels but also adds high-street items to her outfits. She's always seen wearing Zara and Mango, but most of all - Topshop. Olivia has an overflowing collection of Topshop pieces. I think for me this is what gives her THE edge, she mixes high-street and high-end perfectly.

Do you love Olivia's style? Who's your style crush lately?!


  1. how does she do it?! So stylish x

  2. love her, love her style! Her looks are so simple and elegant; really pretty! Lovely post and blog :) xo

  3. I love her!

    The Fashion Skeleton!

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  4. Her style is so cute but she is so mean! It makes life so complicated! :) My recent style crush has been a return to LC from the hills. I dont know why but I love the LA girl look so pretty. Ps love your post on the Olsen twins :)


  5. I love her style! These pictures are awesome and the Outfits are so beautiful!! Espeically the first and fith one!! Really amazing and inspiring! Wooow!

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  6. love her style shes too damn pretty!
    cute blog