Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Style Crush - the Olsen twins

Okay, ever since I was 7 years old watching 'Two of a Kind' (which is still on TV by the way, my sister loves it and has just had her hair cut like mary-kate!) I have LOVED the Olsen twins. I am obsessed with their style. Who isn't in love with their can't-be-arsed look? They can literally wear a bin bag and not brush their hair and look amazing - because we all wake up looking like that? This is just a little post before I get some dinner and watch some rubbish TV...I love days off! Here are a few (I mean a lot...I literally had to stop myself posting photos) Olsen photographs that inspire me to revamp my wardrobe. I need to buy hundreds of plain slouchy t-shirts and clumpy shoe boots and get me some gorgeous ombre hair!

How amazing are they both? Who is your style crush?!


  1. Love the Olsens, Elizabeth has great style too! x

  2. Love the olsen twins! They have such amazing style, and really are too gorgeous for their own good! Jealous. xxx

  3. i love them. they have such an amazing style! (:



  4. SNAP!!! love these 2 and the pics you've put together are great.... i also love Vanessa Hudgens.. she has the same kind of look.. well she did but i think she may have changed it a bit now she doe'snt seem so boho-eyy xx