Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Estee Lauder Maximum Cover: Perfect combination

So I recently purchased Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover because I love really full coverage foundations. It came in the post today with 2 free samples (lash primer plus & soft clean moisture rich foaming cleanser). I'm going to do a review on the cleanser when I've used it for a week or so because I've been wanting it for a while! I used it today for the first time and it made my skin feel so fresh and soft! Anyway, onto the foundation...

I already had make-up on when it came in the post so I tested it on my mum and it is REALLY thick. Thicker than any foundation I've ever used before. I now understand why people use this as a concealer. I decided to try it out on myself so I took my make-up off and applied it. It was far too heavy and cakey so I removed it again (what a waste) and decided to mix it with my Topshop Skin Glow. Before applying it I used my Estee Lauder Illuminating Face Primer Plus. I used this primer because it's really duey and shiny and Double Wear Maximum Cover is really matte. These three products together are amazing, the primer and skin glow are both really highlighting and the foundation is really matte so mixed together they make the perfect foundation, not too shiny and not too matte! My face looks airbrushed with no blemishes or imperfections in sight. 

To show you just how thick this foundation is I took a photo of my hand before and after I applied maximum cover to it, notice how my mole totally dissapears!

I can't get over how good the coverage is! This is what it looks like mixed with Topshop Skin Glow:

Not the most flattering photo but it's so hard photographing foundation! Have you tried this foundation? What did you think?!


  1. I love full coverage foundations. I can't say I really need to wear them but I like a blank slate to start my make up with. I've heard good things about this estee lauder one, I may well give it a go soon.

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x

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    1. I'm the same! I don't have bad skin, just love the look of a flawless finish! I love a good made up face. You should try it! x

  2. You have amazing skin hun i'm so jealous. I love a good coverage too xx

  3. wow i really like it on you, gives that celebrity look!:D