Monday, 5 March 2012

Miss Sporty Transformers Sparkle Touch

As I wandered around town today after returning a top to Topshop, I came across something that caught my eye - SPARKLES. It was a glittery Miss Sporty nail varnish, I'm not sure whether this is new or not because I haven't been into Superdrug for so long, but there was only one left so I had to buy it. At £1.99 I really DID have to!

It's a varnish that you could wear alone and build it up for a completely glittery nail, or you can paint over the top of a base colour. I chose to paint it over the top of my favourite nail varnish at the moment. My elf lilac nail polish, its a beautiful baby lilac colour which matches perfect with the blue/silver glitter in the Miss Sporty polish! The only down side of this polish that I know of at the moment is that the drying time is quite a while, it smudged and I had to paint over one nail again even though I'd painted them around 10 minutes ago! So I advise if you use it you wait quite a while before you start doing anything with your hands. It's still a beautiful glitter polish though, glitter is really popular at the moment and I'm so glad because it's my favourite!

Have you tried this polish, what did you think?!

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