Monday, 5 March 2012

Favourite bright lips!

So these are my favourite 'bright lips', fair enough they're not amazingly bright but it's as daring as I am prepared to go! I'm a lover of nude lips but I like to spice things up with a statement lip once in a while. I know my last choice isn't a lipstick and more of a lipgloss but I love it so I included it!

Number 1: Sleek Sheen Lipstick in 'Cherry'
This is a dark red lipstick, cherry is the perfect name! The more you apply the darker it gets (obviously) but the darker it goes the more purple it goes! It dries really dry so that's the only downside to this lipstick, I hate applying lipbalm to dark lipsticks because it makes them bleed! But on the upside the staying power is unbelievable, I think if you left it, it would stay on for days!

Number 2: Barry M Lip Paint in 'Coral'
I LOVE the colour of this lipstick, it's so summery. It has a really shimmery look to it without it looking sparkly, if that makes sense. It's quite drying but I find all Barry M lipsticks drying so that's no different!

Number 3: Avon Ultra Colour Rich Mousse Lipstick in 'Very Cherry'
This lipstick glides on SO nice, it feels like a really light gloss on the lips it's so moisturising, but with the pigment of a lipstick. The colour looks kind of pink when its photographed but in natural light it's the perfect bright red.

Number 4: Revlon LipGlide in 'Patent Leather Pink'
This has the same shimmery look that the Barry M 'Coral' lipstick has. It's really nice on the lips, obviously with it being a gloss it doesn't dry out the lips but it isn't really sticky which is what I look for in a lipgloss. The only down side to this lipgloss is the smell, it smells vile. When I put it on I block my nose - the colour is worth the bad smell ha!

I need to invest in some more dark lipsticks, I have literally boxes full of nude lipsticks but not many coloured ones. I love the dark purple lipsticks that everyone's wearing at the moment, does anyone recommend any?

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