Monday, 27 February 2012

Calling all ebay addicts...

Long time no post. Been really busy and haven't had any inspiration really. Also my boyfriend seems to have stolen my camera and I haven't wanted to post without a photo! A post seems so boring with no photo to look at I think, so you'll have to deal with a mix of crappy phone photos! I've been getting back into nail art at the moment, I'm usually an acrylic nail lover but I'm trying to give my poor nails a rest from the harsh stuff.

top left: gold foil effect with black polka // top right: lilac base with silver glitter // bottom left: galaxy(ISH) print! // 
bottom right: red base with white & black stripe tips

What do you think?! I certainly won't leave my day job ha. 

Anyway the purpose of this post was to let you know I'm selling my life on ebay! If you have a spare minute go have a look HERE!! and see if anything tickles your fancy. I literally feel like crying that I'm parting with my favourite black velvet burnout kimono but times are hard! Hopefully my next post will look a little nicer when I get my camera back off the other half...tut! 

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