Monday, 23 January 2012

Late christmas...

I said in my previous post I would review Glossy Box. Well my December Glossy Box actually arrived today after there was problems at the Post Office, I've been so excited to receive this and had to wait pretty much 2 months for it! There are many beauty boxes to choose from now. Carmine, JolieBox, Feelunique are just a few to name. I chose Glossy Box because they claim that all their products are high-end and luxury - I like a little treat once in a while! Every box I have received I have liked atleast three products. The only thing I disliked about Glossy Box is they include perfume samples and I didn't really want them!

The box came and is a bright red colour, very christmassy! It's usually a lovely dusky pink colour.

In my box I received:
- Cargo Cosmetics Classic Lip Gloss in 'Las Vegas'. It's a sparkly dusky pink colour. I've tried this out quickly but I'm not too keen. I prefer my lip glosses to be less translucent. I put it on my lips and it just looked clear and sparkly, not as pink as it looks in the tube. The taste isn't too pleasant either! 

- Deborah Lippman Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail Varnish with Stripped to Go Sachet. I tried this out straight away as I LOVE nail varnish, especially ones called razzle dazzle! So sparkly and gorgeous. I already had nail varnish on so I used the 'Stripped to Go' remover. This is a little finger mitt soaked in nail varnish and it worked really well. I'd definately use it again. Now we get onto the nail varnish! This nail varnish has now replaced my old favourite red sparkle varnish. I've actually never heard of Deborah Lippman products! I don't know if they're popular or not but I've never came across them. It takes about 3 coats before it completely covers but once it does it's perfect! 

I've put the photo so big so you can see the sparkles! Perfect.

- FAB Face Cleanser. I haven't tried this product yet as I already had makeup on when the package came but I'm going to try it out tonight. I've heard good things from First Aid Beauty so I'm excited to try! It says you can use it to remove surface oils, skin toxins, make-up, dirt and grime. The fact that you can use it to remove make-up is a plus for me because removing make-up is such a task.

- Nouveau Lashes Noir Mascara. I don't use mascara to it's full potential as I wear false lashes daily (Eek!). I basically use mascara to blend my fake lashes to my real ones. But I tried it out anyway. I'm still not a believer in mascara's that can make you look like you have falsies on, but this came close. My lashes were thick and dramatic - just how I like them! 

- Rituals Foaming Shower Gel  in 'T'ai Chi'. This smells AMAZING. It's white lotus and green tea but I think it smells like cinnamon! It comes out as a gel and quickly foams up into a thick lather. Thumbs up!

So I'm happy with most the things in my box. If you like trying out new products but don't want the hassle of searching for them yourself I recommend you sign up for a beauty box! 

What's your favourite beauty box? 

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